User FAQ

What is Luvia?

Luvia is a digital platform that connects individuals to vetted sexual wellness experts, resources, and support. It is a trusted and safe space to address all of your sexual wellness needs. This is just the beginning. Please stay tuned as our small but passionate team works hard to bring you the tools you need to thrive into your sexual wellness.

Is Luvia for me?

Luvia is for women that are looking to address their sexual wellness needs, including but not limited to sexual pain, dysfunction, trauma recovery, STIs, sexual discovery, or overcoming any barriers that are preventing you from thriving into your sexual wellness. Although depending on your needs, individuals that were assigned female at birth or now identify as female, there will still be valuable resources for you. For individuals that identify more closely with the LGBTQ community we are working hard to address your focused needs in the future. Please subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on our efforts.

How does Luvia work?

It is easy! All you do is create a profile by providing basic information. Once you are in the community you can read blog posts from sexual wellness experts you can trust and know that you are receiving information from qualified professionals. Do you have a question that you have been too embarrassed to ask or didn’t know who to even ask? We got you covered! Just ask a question on our Q&A platform and get answers by Luvia experts as well as feedback from other women that might be experiencing the same thing. Once you feel comfortable in taking the next step search for trusted professionals that can help you in whatever sexual wellness journey you are embarking on.
Best thing is completely free to join!
All blog content and answers to questions are never to be taken as medical advice. Please see a professional for care.

Who are the Luvia Professionals?

Luvia professionals are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are qualified and trusted professionals. They are vetted on education/credentials, years of experience, professionalism, compassion, and ensuring there are no infractions in their history. We believe that sexual wellness needs a multidisciplinary approach for enable comprehensive care. That is why we strongly focus on physical, emotional, and mental needs. Our professionals include sexual medicine focused Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Pelvic Floor Therapist, Holistic Practitioners, Sex Therapist, Sex and Relationship Coaches, and more!

For more information on how we vet our professionals please contact us via the contact button on the bottom, of the page.

Is my identity safe?

At Luvia we pride ourselves in keeping our members safe. We understand, for many this is a difficult topic that can carry embarrassment and fear. Although we need to know who you are to best address your needs you do not have to expose any of that on your profile. We value the security on this platform as one of our top priorities so the Luvia community feels safe and secure.