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Luvia is mission to level-up a conversation that’s tight lipped. Women are told that their bodies are not safe. That they are not sexual beings. That their pleasure is not important. Women are asked why they didn’t report or leave. Women are told it is all in their head. It is time for a new and bold conversation.

Women, you deserve to be heard, to be understood, to be safe and to own your sexuality on your terms. It is your time to rise and Luvia is by your side.

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Luvia is like your more experienced best friend but so much better. Get all your burning questions answered by vetted professionals.

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Inclusive, Focused and Comprehensive.

Your emotional matters. Luvia understand the stigma around sexuality, trauma, emotional health. We understand that as women we are often faced significant barriers around sexual wellness. Access our highly vetted and diverse life and sex therapist from the comfort of your home. Luvia is by yourside as you rise into the empowered woman that you are.
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Safe, Trusted and Qualified.

Do you know our gynecologists are not taught sexual medicine in school? Do you know that pelvic floor therapy is a thing? Now you do! One average a woman sees over 7 physicians before finding a diagnosis to a sexual disorder. Crazy huh? Stuggling with sexual wellness issues is often uncomfortable to talk about. We get it. Although sexual wellness issues are not “normal” they are extremely common. Luvia is empowering women to access to comprehensive sexual health experts in a shameless way.
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Sex, sexuality, sexual health, sex taboos… it is a lot to navigate. If we were given a playbook for sex that be awesome but unfortunately we are not. A fulfilling and healthy sex life has shown to improve your overall health, anxiety, creativity, work, relationships and happiness. Access sex coaches and therapist to help you break through barriers. Luvia is here like your really experienced best friend but with expertise!

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